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About us


Ranjeet Developers is an ISO 9001:2008 organisation with Property Development as its core expertise established in 1999 by Hon. Babasaheb Atkire. Ranjeet Developers till date has a commanding 6.7 million Sq Ft of development in the Eastern and South Eastern parts of Pune.

Our residential projects (Apartments, Villas, Row Houses, Plotted Developments) provide for the latest amenities, guarantee safety, accessibility (roadways, markets, schools, hospitals, etc.) with affordable price tag. Such is only possible through creative cost management, experienced on-site and backend teams, relentless dedication, innovative solutions and exceptional workflows.

We invite you to know more about us and how we may provide for solutions to your requirements that guarantee returns on investment.


We at Ranjeet Developers endeavour to enhance lives by creating great places to invest, live and rejuvenate. We set the standards of excellence by providing eco-friendly integrated solutions that align with our core values viz. Honesty, innovation, teamwork, customer satisfaction, higher values, affordability and a commitment to time schedule.


  • To deliver affordable and top quality products and services employing cutting-edge infrastructure with meticulous planning and execution
  • To provide all our clients and investors in India and overseas with unparalleled value additions and Return on Investment
  • To attract and nurture the best in class teams by virtue of best in the business construction practices

Director'S Note

The real estate market in India is yet in a nascent stage and the scope is simply unlimited. It does not resemble a bubble that will burst. An unhindered growth for the next twenty years is almost sure. Outsourcing business in India is growing at a good pace and this entails a huge demand for commercial buildings and urban housing besides improvement in infrastructure.

Aim to empower the company to reach great heights and achieve greater results and firmly equipped with a commitment and transparency to reinvent our capacities which will enable us to become one of the biggest real estate developers of the nation